Usher with a young Justin Bieber!
Usher with a young Justin Bieber!

Usher went to social media in defense of his protégé, Justin Bieber in light of the controversial videos which surfaced depicting a fifteen-year old Bieber using racial slurs.

In one video, Justin is heard using the N-word several times while telling a very-unfunny joke.  This sparked outraged as many fans wondered if the Canadian born super-star was indeed racist.

Well, not so fast!

Usher, who is credited with discovering Bieber has come forth to share some insight on the person he knows Justin to be.

In a lengthy post, he basically says Justin was young and didn’t understand the negative power of using racial slurs.  Take a look:

Usher's Post
Usher’s Post

Justin today finds himself in the company of friends that are mostly Black-Americans so this was quite shocking to say the least but tell us, are we buying what Usher’s selling?