Vivica A Fox

Actress Vivica A Fox appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen and Kandi Burruss last night and made a shocking innuendo regarding her ex-rap-mogul 50 Cents.

First, let me start by saying Vivica looked radiantly, youthful in her cobalt blue pant suit so whatever she’s doing, she never looked better.

She did softly say, “He’s not gay and we had a good time.” but a hit dog will holla, right?

50 and twenty-five-year-old Soulja Boy responded with a series of immature posts:

50 Cents50 Cents50 Cents50 Cents50 Cents

Say what you want, these shenanigans just upped the ante for Vivica’s upcoming stint on “Empire.”  As the saying goes, all publicity is good in Hollywood.

BTW, she mentioned a possible spin-off in a lead role as Cookie’s older sister so good luck to her with that!

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