Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams said on Extra, Kim Kardashian deserved to be on the cover of Vogue.  “She deserved to get the cover by herself and not just with Kanye because she’s world-famous.”

First of all, I’m sick of talking about this.  Second of all, I couldn’t disagree with her more!

What exactly is she world-famous for?

So because you become world-famous you deserve  the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine.

That’s a ridiculous assertion if I’ve ever heard one.

O J Simpson is world-famous, should he be on the cover?  How about, Anna Nicole Smith, should she have been on the cover during her day?

Now we here Mimi Faust is on pace to out sale Kim’s sex-tape.  Should we put her on the cover next?

Kim may be world-famous, but she certainly doesn’t have the-worlds-respect!

BTW, I don’t believe Wendy truly believes her statement, she’s just being a contrarian as usual.  Whether you believe Kim deserved the cover or not is fine, my problem is the absurd justification of being ‘world-famous.’