Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

The cattiness continued as Wendy Williams, discussed Nene Leakes criminal past on today’s show.

It’s no secret, Nene tweeted last year she would never appear on the Wendy show again.  That, in response to a comment Wendy made about Nene and her husband, Greg not really having any romantic chemistry as a couple.

Well, that didn’t sit-well with Nene who responded by saying, “You don’t know sh*it about my marriage.” And, “I thought you were a friend, but I will never appear on your show again.”

So far, Nene has kept her word, and not made another appearance on the Wendy show.  Fast forward to today-subtle jabs have been thrown on both sides and there’s no end in sight.

Well, Star Magazine,  did an exclusive expose on Nene’s secret criminal past-mug shots and all. Click link to see full story.

This story leaked a few weeks back, and to my knowledge, Nene hasn’t talked about it publicly.  I’m thinking Wendy feels betrayed by Tony (DWTS partner) since he and Nene appear to be on a mission to discredit her earlier statement.

So now you know Wendy had to cover the Star magazine expose in her ‘Hot Topics’ segment, right?

And, at the end of the show, Wendy did a throwback segment in which she showed a picture of her and DWTS partner Tony.  She went on to say, “This is a throwback picture of me and my partner Tony Dovolani on DWTS.  I was 30 lbs. heavier then and even if I was the weight that I am now-I still would have gone home second.” Ha, ha, ha

Nene & Tony
Nene & Tony

Could that have been a subtle-dig at Tony’s coaching?

To Wendy’s defense, it’s her job to report hot topics.  And to be fair, she should report everyone’s business rather than pick and choose those that aren’t her friends or the ones she doesn’t like.

But, along with that comes what happened yesterday when Evelyn Lozada answered back.

Just like I expected, Wendy didn’t address Evelyn’s remarks on today’s show, and that was probably best.

Though I did notice a moment of awkwardness when she told George Lopez his syndicated show was a hit in their home.  She said, “I love it, my son loves it,” but caught herself before mentioning her husband.

Evelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada

I’m sure Evelyn accomplished what she intended-in that the alleged purchase Wendy’s husband made in her Miami store was definitely a ‘hot topic’ in the Hunter home.

What do you think?



Photos courtesy of Instagram: @thewendywilliamsshow, @neneleakes, @evelynlozada