Wendy WilliamsTalk show diva, Wendy Williams got candid during her season 7 premiere about something very dear to her heart.  Her son, and only child Kevin Jr. is battling addiction to synthetic marijuana, a party drug very popular amongst teenagers and college students.

Experiencing the down side of fame, Wendy made the best however difficult choice to go public with her sons afflictions as they would have eventually become tabloid fodder.

Synthetic marijuana (K2), (aka Spice, Black Mamba, Bliss, Bombay Blue, Fake Weed, Genie, Zohai) use is unfortunately on the rise and many teens are experimenting with this seemingly harmless product.

It is illegal in most states but is commonly purchased at “smoke shops” where e cigarettes and supplies are sold.

I had a close family member to almost succumb to this dreadful drug so she and her husband did right to get him in treatment fast.

She indicated they took him out of the country to see a holistic practitioner and credits the families new “alkaline diet” as key to his sobriety.

Another interesting fact, she mentioned it was a close family member who introduced her son to the drug.

I can’t say this enough, just because it’s family doesn’t mean their good for you or your kids.

The Hunter family is fortunate and unfortunate to have the means to get their son help.  Hopefully lil Kev realizes the error in his ways enough to stay clean.

Our prayers are with this young man!

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2 comments on “Wendy Williams Gets Humbled By Son’s Drug Addiction”

  1. Nice job humiliating your son on national tv. Hope it doesnt drive him to drink also or worse. It should have been kevin jr. Who shared if he wanted to. Wendy is trying to save her ass from someone leaking the info.

    • She said they discussed going public as a family and were all in agreement. I think you’re right in saying she wanted to leak the story before someone else had an opportunity. We all know how she goes in on people so this would have been a very big story. She was smart to desensationalize the matter and you could see it wasn’t easy for her.

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