Wendy WilliamsAccording to the Daily Mail, Kevin Hunter, spouse of talk show diva, Wendy Williams has been involved in a 10-year clandestine relationship with a woman he recently purchased a home for just 9-miles away from his marital abode.  

Wendy WilliamsThis news comes as no surprise. Wendy has been dropping hints of marital strife since last season. On one show she even remarked, don’t be surprised if you see me with an Indian man walking down the street or something along those lines.

Towards the end of season 8, she appeared very loopy at times as though something or someone was pressing her behind the scenes. I remember her much-needed girls-getaway weekend. That was the show where it became apparent, something was very-much wrong.

Wendy’s relationship with her husband is intertwined heavily in her business so this is bound to get ugly.  Hopefully, she has the strength to endure the scrutiny headed her way.

Most will say it’s her turn to be a hot topic but I hate seeing anyone suffer and knowing her history and virtual isolation; she’s going to need a lot of support to fill the void of her business partner/husband.

She’s talked more trash about celebrity break-ups than any other host on TV so as they say, if you can dish it you’d better be able to take it. We’ll have to wait and see if she opens-up about this tomorrow. She must be embarrassed and angry!

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