Wendy on RHOA
Wendy-“Everyone should be fired on RHOA and here’s why.” (click to watch)

Wendy Williams sat with March Lamont Hill at Huff Post Live and stated all of the RHOA cast members should be fired.

In particular she said, she doesn’t appreciate seeing women fight on TV because she’s a grown woman and not that girl.

Well, just hours later Jerry Springer of the “Jerry Springer Show” appeared as a guest on the “Wendy Williams Show.”  In his intro, Wendy showed a clip of women fighting like animals.

When Jerry walked out, Wendy laughed uncontrollably at the clip and went on to praise Jerry for being on the air for twenty-three years perpetuating the very thing she claims to loathe.

The “Jerry Springer Show” is the bottom of the barrel and 10 times worse than RHOA or
Basketball Wives!  How can she be so critical of the Housewives and not Jerry Springer?

I think her opinion has more to do with most if not all of the RHOA casts refusal to make appearances on her show.

Wendy has been critical at some point of the entire cast and consequently, all have shown love to Bethenny Frankel (now cancelled) making numerous appearances-Kandi being the most appeared guest on the Bethenny show.

Therefore, Wendy your calling for the firing of the entire cast is nothing less than vengeful pettiness and you should be ashamed.

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  1. Wendy Williams is a hypocrite and she Is very vindictive… She picks on Chris Brown so much because back in 2007 he called her a man…He was younger than … Many people say she looks like one and that her husband cheats on her.. Karma will get Wendy some day soon..

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