Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams responded to backlash after she publicly stated her offense to schools being classified as Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCUs) on yesterday’s show.  A contrite Williams came out with nerves on full display saying in her opening monologue, “I’m not sure if I’m okay!”

I was hoping she would address the backlash or she most certainly would have lost me and a host of other viewers.

In my opinion, she could and should have said more though she did make one thing clear saying, “I am no Stacey Dash!”

Wendy did appear remorseful and felt she had been misunderstood.  Perhaps, she does have a teenage son so it’s unfathomable that she could be insensitive to things of this nature.

I’d be willing to bet; she had a very emotional night in light of the three black men (Louisiana-Alton Sterling, Minnesota-Philando Castile and New York-Delrawn Dempsey) who were gun-down by police officers within the past twenty-four-hours.

No doubt, we are living in perilous times!  We must come together now more so than ever.

A petition was started to create an independent Federal agency that will supervise the conduct of police departments/officers across America.

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So far, we’ve reached 75,000 of our 100,000 goal.  It’s time we effect change and make our voices heard.  Please support this cause by signing this petition and sharing with friends.

Change starts with us as individuals, one-signature-at-a-time!

Our condolences to the Sterling, Castile and Dempsey families.  May God strengthen you in this time of need!

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