Bruce JennerBruce Jenner (65) is literally transforming before our eyes and yes, it’s quite shocking!  One day we hear he’s undergoing gender reassignment and the next he’s dating ex-wife, Kris Jenner’s former assistant and best friend.

Whatever the case, Bruce strikes me as the passive aggressive type that would wear the long hair and paint his nails just to embarrass his oh-so-vain family.  And, since Kris went on a promotional tour for her new cookbook last week he’s probably pissed and here’s why.

When asked about the change in Bruce’s appearance; like a pro, Kris quickly dismissed it as silly rumors and said they’ve been plaguing him since the 70’s.

The family has made no secrete about wanting him to cut his hair and who could blame them for that, but I suspect Bruce knows exactly how to get back at them best.

All this is for attention I suspect, but he’s playing a dangerous game because the public may never take him seriously again, e.g. Michael Jackson.

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