I Wanna Marry Harry

What TV program would you say the rich ($150k+) and smart watch most in America?

If you guessed Scandal, Shark Tank, Grey’s Anatomy or Law and Order you couldn’t be more WRONG!

In the TV season just concluded, the highest non-sports watched show was “The Bachelor.”  I know, I can’t believe it either.

Deadline is reporting only four reality series make the top twenty list among 18-49 year-old viewers with 4+ years of college and “I Wanna Marry Harry” came in number-one in that demographic.

Here’s more,

Surprising to some, six of the TV season’s highest indexing non-sports broadcast shows with demo viewers in 150K+homes are reality series, also including ABC’s The Bachelorette and Shark Tank, NBC’s American Dream Builders, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars (maybe one of the reasons network execs work like little beavers to keep this one on the air despite its recent ratings challenges, which resulted in a slight uptick this past TV season) andAmazing Race. Check out the chart:

Young Rich TV Chart final revised