Green Tea vs. Oolong TeaEver wondered which tea is best for you?  Well, the battle of the teas has gone on for years and most will say it’s Oolong or Green but few may know they are virtually the same.

Both offer tremendous health benefits but if you’re looking to lose a few pounds you may want to go with Green Tea due to its higher antioxidants it is heavily marketed as a weight loss supplement.

What you need to know is oolong, green, black, and white tea all come from the same plant: Camellia sinensis. Oolong tea is made by allowing the sun to wither and oxidize the tea leaves, after which they are twisted and curled to make the oolong tea leaves. Green tea leaves aren’t left out in the sun for long, so they contain more of the nutrients that you can get from the amazing tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Since green tea is more widely studied than Oolong tea, it has more proven health and weight loss benefits. Nevertheless, both are rich in antioxidants that may lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent heart disorders, cancer and other diseases. They may aid weight loss by boosting metabolism, increasing fat burning and reducing fat absorption.

Even though you may think it’s Green, when dining at Oriental restaurants you will most-often be served Oolong tea.

Since both offer great health benefits, at home, I try to alternate.  The important thing to remember is to find a high quality blend.