Nicki MinajMy eleven-year-old came home from school upset because she heard a white classmate use the N-word.  After asking her to explain, she went on to say he was singing/rapping a song. 

In that moment, I was a bit perplexed as my initial reaction was anger, but then I thought, this kid (her classmate) is just singing along.  If it’s okay for blacks to use the N-word what makes it not okay for whites in the same context?

I use to think my views were pretty-strong on this subject; that is, given our history whites aren’t afforded the right to use the word, but having observed groups of white teenagers using the word at concerts and just hanging-out, I’m starting to wonder.

Surely rappers who are the biggest offenders, must have given thought to this phenomenon before releasing this to the public.

My resentment today lies with the entertainers who release such music without taking into consideration the awkward moments it’s bound to cause.

Let me know your thoughts.  Can’t wait til Blue Ivy, and North West are old enough to come home with this!

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