Pat Houston
Pat Houston

Things keeps getting worse by the day!  Pat Houston, sister-in-law and executor of Whitney Houston’s estate, has filed a restraining order against, Nick Gordon the husband of Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney Houston took Nick Gordon in as a troubled-teen and raised he and Bobbi Kris as brother an sister.  Shortly after Whitney’s passing, he an Bobbi Kris announced to the family they were romantically involved.  Though the family was against their relationship, not much could be done since both he and Bobbi Kris were consenting adults.

According to TMZ, Nick has been ordered to stay 200 yards away from Pat after making threatening comments and posting photos of weapons on Twitter.  Pat got the order claiming she feared for her safety. (See photos and Twitter post above)

TMZ spoke with Nick who confirmed he was in deed served on Monday, but says, “I, don’t give a f***.”

Last week Nick posted a photo of a bong (see previous post, ‘Nick Gordon airing Whitney’s Dirty Laundry) and tweeted, “Me and mom use to smoke everyday all day.”

It’s understandable why the family is concerned; this is disgusting on so many levels.  RIP Whitney!

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Photos courtesy of Twitter.