Well, that didn’t take long!  Less than a month after Bieber moves in, a woman has been arrested for criminal trespass after breaking into the rental home of Justin Bieber in Sandy Springs, GA.

Twenty three year old, Qianying Zhao, of Doraville was found sleeping in one of the bedrooms inside the home around 5 pm.  She told police she had entered the home through  an unlocked door and came to attend Bieber’s birthday party.

No word on whether Justin was home at the time.  I’m not surprised by any of this!  Sandy Springs is a very upscale area; however, the home is situated on a corner lot which appears to be easily accessible from the street.

I’m sure most security experts will agree that the property; though very nice, is just not secure enough for a mega star like Bieber.  Mark my word, unless security is hired around-the-clock, their will be more uninvited guests.