Tips And Tricks Of Makeup

Well, you all us to apply concealer on your face, for more clear understanding, the foundation. Though you generally apply the common tone everywhere on the face, this is not correct. Actually, the area below our eyes is typically a shade darker than other faces. So, apply the same shade all over the face is not correct. To apply the conceal below the eyes, you must apply a shade darker than the whole face. After this, the makeup of your face will be bit lifted.

  • Makeup Of Eyes: Eyes are the very dominating and explaining part of the body. Therefore, it must be given the same importance, like others. Well, you all apply an eye shadow to add your lids a flayer, but the shadow remains dull. This is because of the color of the eyelid. Hence, whenever you are applying the eye shadow on lids, make sure you give your lids a white pencil coat to make your eye shadow pops. After applying the white pencil coat then apply the desired eye shadow and let your eyes charm others.
  • Makeup of Lips: One of the most important part of your face, your lips. Well, if you have wide and beautiful lips, then you already have the ball in your court, but if you didn’t then make it. So, if you have small and unattractive lips, then you can exaggerate it with lip liner and lipstick. Just you need to apply the lip liner little out from your natural lip line. Though, make sure it looks elegant on you. Now, fill it up with the necessary lip shade. Now, you can yourself see, how lovely your lips are looking?
  • Makeup Of Eyelashes: When you apply mascara on your eyelashes, you just drag the mascara and rubs on your lashes. Well, this sometimes leaves the marks on your face, when applying the lower eyelashes. Hence, whenever you are up to apply the mascara on the lower lashes, keep a spoon under them. With this, your eyelashes will be coated properly in shape, as well as there will be no split of the mascara near eyes.

Well, these are the Makeup Ideas, which are generally owned by the professional makeup artist, which they generally not reveal to any. So, if you really want your face to look professionally done, you must follow these tricks and tips.