How to drink tequila?

According to tradition, however, tequila should be served in a terracotta glass, accompanied by salt and lime juice placed on the back of the hand, to enhance the dryness of the distillate. Some  taquilero  believe that the correct way to actually taste this drink and fully enjoy its flavor is to drink tequila first, then lemon and finally salt. Then there are some varieties that do not even need neither salt nor lemon buy spirits online.

The container also has its importance: in fact, the glasses that we generally use reduce the experience by preventing the aromas from emerging in a decisive way. However, there are various techniques to be able to taste it, it is generally consumed:

Smooth (sipped slowly tasted):

Choose a tequila made from 100% agave . Not all tequilas are created equal. If you are planning on sipping your tequila like most Mexicans do, be sure to choose 100% authentic tequila.

There are tequilas called “mixtos” (made with at least 51% agave and fortified with sugars) but they don’t really taste like tequila.

Several bartenders and tequila professionals advise selecting a family inhabited tequila, the odds of it being 100% agave are overwhelming, and the tequila will definitely taste better.

Choose an Añejo tequila. Since añejo tequilas   are aged for at least one year, they allow you to sip it and enjoy it to the fullest. These  añejos  are always correlated to very old cognac.

Enjoy your tequila with some sangrita (Spanish for “little blood”, so called because of the color of the liquid): the sangrita is non-alcoholic and should be sipped in a separate glass (take turns sipping tequila and sangrita.

Shot / chupito (usually with lemon and salt – tequila boom boom)

Choose a  blanco  ,  gold  or  reposado tequila . Oro  , which means “gold”, tastes similar to  blanco  and is about the same cost. Remember to choose 100% agave tequila. Mixtos  may be cheap, but it sure helps to cause a bad headache.


The fermentable sugars in agave juice can finally be converted to alcohol using yeast. Before fermentation, the juice must be analyzed to measure fermentable sugar levels and possibly diluted with water to reduce the sugar concentration to one level (8-16%), depending on the sugar tolerance of the yeast strain. The formulation of the wort usually relies on experience rather than the application of science.

If the tequila produced is sold as mixed tequila (literally “mixed”), cane or corn sugars will be added to a maximum of 49% of the fermentable sugars.

A distillate can instead be defined as tequila, if at least 51% of the fermentable sugars present in the must come from agave. Only in agave tequila, blue agave liquid is fermented with no extra sweetener. The kind of yeast employed and any nutrients augmented while the process of fermentation will determine the flavor and characteristics of the finished tequila.