Men’s leather card holder, minimum space, maximum space

Another of our best-selling models. Every day more men pass from the wallet to the cardholder, and it is that we hardly carry any more money on us. Almost everything is paid for today by card. The good thing about our leather card holder is It also includes a central compartment where you can put your folded bills. So it’s still functional to carry some cash with you, just what you need if you need it. It does not take up anything, nor bulky, perfect for carrying it in your trouser pocket and that I passed almost completely unnoticed mens leather card wallet singapore.

Above all, color, design and quality of the leather

Apart from functionality, of course the most important thing is the quality of your wallet. This is why men’s leather wallets are and always will be the number one choice for the vast majority of the male population. Do you remember the beginning of the post when I asked you how long have you had your wallet? And it is that good quality leather lasts and lasts, and not only that, over time it becomes even more surprising and unique. And this is why the quality of the skin is so important that good skin will age like a good wine. In addition to the material, the processing also plays an important role, the seams, the art with which it is made. Our champion craftsmen labor leather appliances with maintenance and accuracy.

mens leather card wallet singapore

And ultimately the method and the variation of pigments. If it is anything we can ensure you it is that you will discover in our online shop the skin wallet whichever you have in sense, we retain dozen of models, shapes and colors for all tastes. We don’t know how, but our creative design team keeps constantly having fresh new but timeless ideas to create new portfolios and add to our already extensive portfolio of options.


Help and useful advice on choosing the right wallet for you!

The wallet is an indispensable object for both men and women, for the former it represents more than anything else a useful accessory; on the contrary, for women, the wallet is essential to carry credit cards, money, documents, cards, etc. own personality.

If originally the wallets were mainly made of leather or leather and contained only two compartments for coins and banknotes, with the advent of credit cards and new materials this object has evolved and today designers and companies put in continuation on the market of new models, made in various shapes, materials, colors, sizes and prices to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Choosing the most suitable wallet is quite difficult, because it depends on our lifestyle, on the use we want to make of this accessory, on the objects we have to store.