Fashion: Styling Watch And Bracelet

Bracelet and wristwatch combo is the current trend and looks really fashionable and modest on the wrist. If you have been trying your best to figure out how many bracelets would look good with your favorite wristwatch, we have got you all covered. Most watches now come with an accompanying beautiful silver or gold bracelet which would go well with casuals, modern, and even traditional outfits. It is available on all online marketplaces.

How does it look if you wear the wristwatch and the bracelet on the same wrist?

Well, it would just look amazing! Both men and women can wear both the bracelet and wristwatch on the same wrist and people have been following this fashion for decades. You just have to learn how you can style your outfit in the best way possible. It is completely fine to style your watch with a bracelet but you will have to ensure some factors, sizing and the elements when styling.

Men who would like to style their watch with a bracelet can try out wearing one or a maximum of two bracelets on their wrist with a watch having a large dial. This would make your casual look more appealing and trendy.

It is also necessary to understand that this style wouldn’t suit every person. It largely depends on the dressing, type, physique, and personality of the person.

Also make sure that both the wristwatch and the bracelet blend very well and wouldn’t cause any damage to either of the accessories.

Styling Watch And Bracelet

What about Bangles and Watches?

Women who can easily style wristwatches and bracelets can easily try styling with bangles. It would look perfect on your beautiful hand.

Why isn’t it always a good idea to pair your wristwatch and bracelet?

  • Both your watch and bracelet are unique accessories and would require individual attention. They would lose out on their beauty and charm if worn together.
  • Wearing both the watch and bracelet would result in causing some scratches or damages to the accessories due to the continuous friction.
  • Wearing all the accessories on the same hand would look your one hand heavy while the other hand will look empty. To have a balanced look wear the wristwatch on one hand and the bracelet or the bangle on the

Fashion tips for styling your watch and bracelet

Choose your bracelet depending on the color, material, and strap design of the watch you are wearing. The bracelet should adorn the watch. Be wise when you are choosing the colors. Your accessories should make your wrist look elegant and not heavy. Be cautious when selecting contrasting colors. Never wear too many bracelets. You can wear one or a maximum of three. Both the watch and the bracelet should be as close to your hand as possible. The watch should follow the bracelet and not the other way round. Do not wear a bracelet on both sides of your watch. Let both the accessories complement each other. Look out for smaller bracelets instead of wearing huge bracelets.

These are some tips you can follow every day when styling your wristwatch and bracelet. This will give you a fresh and elegant look and make sure that you look out even for the minute details when styling the accessories.

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