Fashion trends in 2021

Fashion Trends

In the fashion world the ever evolving and specific styles stay for long. Whereas some styles make their way through for a short span of time and fade away. Fashion Trends is that particular style which is popular at a certain point of time or for a given time period and then gets out of the picture.With Covid-19 being the new normal for us, with protocols, the world moved forward and so did the Fashion Trends in 2021! So here is a glimpse of the fashion trends that ended up in this list as 2021 comes to an end.

Short and Crop Tops

Always a hoot with wraparound skirts, hot pants and a pair of denims. Short and crop tops were showcased a lot this 2021, because of course you can never go wrong with a crop top.

Oversized Sweats/T shirts

Well, not surprised that the Bollywood divas pulled off these oversized sweats. Though comfy but totally offbeat. Fashion trends in 2021 took people by surprise.

Fashion trends


As soothing as the name sounds, it totally justifies the wide ranged uniqueness pastel colors offer us.These subtle, elegant yet attractive colours proved ideal for any outfit this 2021

Polka Dots

Sounds like the 90s, doesn’t it? Well this facile yet smooth fashion is still alive in 2021, and just hoping it does not leave anytime soon.


Staying fit is a priority and not an option. Combined version of fit and fashion is athleisure, though it was also preferred as apparels this year by a lot of people.

Loose fit Jeans

Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, boot cut jeans etc. are not something we all have not heard of. Well, thanks to the Fashion Trends in 2021, skinny jeans took a backseat this year.

Besides these there were some other trends that outshone in 2021, whether it was the 90s revival, the immense love for huge accessories, bold patterns or whether it was those quirky printed pants that remind you of Ranveer Singh. Not only this, surprisingly, puffed, quilted and textured bags replaced those ordinary tote bags people used adding up to the Fashion trends in 2021.

Well, this does not end here, a new year will bring along with it some new trends and vogue. Though this year brought about some immense change in the fashion game. Surely, Fashion trends will come, evanesce and then restate(who knows). In the end it is about what makes you complacent in your skin, as long as you feel poised it’s always in the trend. So stay trendy!

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