Why are Digital locks better?

Security is one of the most critical factors in our life. We all work so that we can be secure in the future. Be it through a stable job, a home, insurance, or investments. We need our assets secured.

And the most basic of our assets is our home. Our home is the base where all our documents – legal, financial, savings, and all essentials are stored. Locks like hdb digital lock can be an option.

Keeping our homes secured will keep all our assets safe.

But how can we keep it secured?

Invest in a good door lock

A good door lock can save most of your worries. There are various door locks available – traditional, electronic, and intelligent.

Your best bet is to choose hdb digital lock. These locks are digital intelligent solutions for your home.

How a digital door lock can help you out

It keeps your home protected from outsiders

They are digital

Are user friendly

Alerts you if being tampered

Is it connected to your mobile

No need for keys

Automatic locking

hdb digital lock

Types of lock options

There are various kinds of locks you can choose from their catalog. Below is the description of all the types for your reference.

Wifi Door locks – WiFi Door locks provide your home security a new intelligent edge. The wifi connection allows you to access the lock with wifi. All you need to do is connect with the lock using your phone.

Facial recognition – If you think wifi is not your option. Then you can choose the facial recognition lock. It will scan your face and will unlock the door with your face. This provides for optimum security where your face value matters. Effective AI technology will recognize your face, and voila.

Fingerprint lock – We have seen many movies where Fingerprint locks are highlighted. But now, that is not a dream but a reality. This Fingerprint lock will help you achieve just that. Your fingerprints will be scanned through a Sweden Fingerprint card ( FPC technology. The biometric sensors will scan for your finger micro prints and then feed them to the system.

Deadbolt lock – The digital lock is a good counterpart for your home security. As these locks cannot be forced backward. They stay in place. The mechanism of Rx C makes it a stable and sturdy solution. These pin-code-enabled locks give you the freedom to travel without a key.

Mortise locks – Mortise locks look fashionable. If you don’t want your lock to look bulky, the mortise handle’s sleek design is the best fit. They also offer double security as it has a latch and a bolt function. The double layer of security and the Aesthetic combined make things better.

If you want to rev up your home security, give these digital locks a try

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